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After spending more than twenty years as an editor, Laura Stone joins Blue Ridge Literary Agency. She began her career as a freelance editor, eventually working with Entangled Publishing as a senior editor, working as the managing editor of The Manning Times, and integrating mentoring and coaching into her business.

Laura fell in love with words and story weaving when her parents and grandparents not only read to her constantly but also made up their own stories to pique her imagination. She began reading on her own by five years old and wrote her own stories by the time she was six. Now, as an accomplished editor, mentor, coach, and published author, Laura is eager to help other writers achieve their publishing dreams.

In her spare time, Laura reads, writes her own novels, beads, crochets, cross-stitches, and spends time with her husband and four rescue dogs.

Please follow the Submission Guidelines or your query will be DELETED.


Your Query letter must include:

  • Your name (very important)
  • Phone number and E-mail address
  • Manuscript Title
  • Genre (including subgenre)
  • Word Count (NOT page count)
  • # of Points of View telling the story
  • Marketing Plans
  • For ROMANCE, please give heat level
  • 1-2 page Synopsis--tells story from beginning to end with all major events of the story

Your manuscript should:

  • be edited
  • be completed
  • be double spaced with 1" margins
  • have chapters begin on a new page
  • have chapter headings
  • be in Times New Roman font
  • be in font size 12

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